Engineering Update

Deck 6 – Engineering A bit more progress has been made with Deck 6, mainly in Engineering. Fortunately, that is one of two rooms on the ship that we actually saw in the show. I’m trying to make it as close to the show as possible for this version. The only changes I’m making is […]

RAW Textures on top of Deck 1

Finally, an update! Since I havn’t posted an update about the USS Dauntless for a while now, I thought I should let you guys know something about it. I’m still working on it, albeit slowly. Deck 6 (engineering, deflector control) is comming along nicely. I’m also doing some experiments with some shaders and textures which […]

USS Dauntless: Deflector Control

USS Dauntless Deflector Control Alpha Banner

I’ve worked on the map again a bit today after Telex asked for a status update on the TLO forums. The room I’m working on now is Deflector Control. For the Dauntless, this is a verry important part of the ship as the Quantum Slipstream funnel is generated here and thus the deflector directly ties […]