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Date added December 30, 2014
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A very small map made by me a long time ago based on the SS Raven, the Hansen’s ship as seen in Star Trek Voyager. This map consists just of a small transporter room and the main bridge based upon this and this diagram.

Installing Instructions

Place this file in your /BaseEF directory of your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force or RPG-X CE/UE install.

Example: C:/Program Files/The Last Outpost RPG-X Ultimate Edition/BaseEF

More Information

I made this map long ago when I wasn’t really proficient in Photoshop. The textures are pretty flat and I think some of the console textures are missing aswell. Once I finish the USS Dauntless I think I’ll take another look at this map seeing as I recently found some fan-made diagrams of the SS Ravens layout.