This page contains usefull links related to the topics on the website.

Coding Links


RPG-X Links

RPG-X Communities

The Last Outpost One of the last really active RPG-X communities out there. You can also get the RPG-X Standard/Ultimate editions from here which allow you to play the game for free!
Ubergames The website / forum of the developers of RPG-X. Not really active anymore, but the remaining developers still come here from time to time to answer and help with technical questions regarding RPG-X.

Map Making

Q3Map2 Wikibook Most complete reference on Q3Map2 out there.
 Map Portals Great explanation of how portals affect visibility of map components in Q3.

Map Downloads

Elite Force Files The FileFront site for STVEF mods, maps, skins and more. Also has a lot of (mostly older) RPG-X maps.
Griffin Endurance’s Blog Blog by Griffin Endurance, creator of the Asteria map pack.
iWant Studios iWant Studios archive of legendary RPG-X maps made by Will & Ant.