C# Win32 Hook API

The C# Win32 Hook API is a C# / .NET wrapper around Win32 Hooks (see the MSDN documentation for more info). The main goal of the project is to create an easy to use interface for getting (raw) keyboard and mouse input regardless of which window has focus in a C# / .NET program.


This project started out because I wanted to fetch keyboard input regardless of where the current input focus was. Intended for a program to show what a user is typing on the keyboard in a popup window to use when creating video tutorial, so that the viewers know which keys are being pressed. I ended up starting to implement all the other Win32 Hooks aswell. Some are not really usefull in a .NET environment because they are specifically designed for use within the Win32 message loop, but others, especially the keyboard and mouse hooks, can be really handy.


Coming Soon


The C# Win32 Hook API is released under the GNU General Public Licence Version 3 .

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