USS Dauntless

The USS Dauntless is a map build for Role Playing using the RPG-X mod for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. It is an older game but still used for performing interactive role plays. For more about role playing and RPG-X EF, visit The Last Outpost, which is one of the largest RPG-X communities on the web.

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History of the map

This map is, obviously, based upon the “USS Daunltess NX-01A” as seen on Star Trek Voyager’s “Hope and Fear”. Many fan-fiction speculated that Starfleet copied the design when Voyager returned to Earth in order to createtheir own Quantum Slipstream capable ship. The map itself orginates from one of those fan-fictions. Some years ago a group of roleplayers started the USS Dauntless SRP (Serial Role Play). This was based on the exact same idea: a replica of the Dauntless the Voyager encountered with an experimental Quantum Slipstream core on board. The roleplay itself revolved around the exploration of the Delta Quadrant during the 2400’s. The plot was created before STO (Star Trek Online), so it didn’t take into account any of the events that happen in that timeline.

For that RP, the USS Solaris map by Ryan was used for a time. Ryan later created the first version of the USS Dauntless map. When he retired from the Roleplay and creating maps, he handed it over to me. I made a few adjustments and created the USS Dauntless v1.1 as you can find around the internet today. This map is a complete re-invisioning of the USS Dauntless. I started with it in the summer of 2014. I was always annoyed that the deck layout of the original map compeletely ignored the shape of the hull of the ship and that all the hallways where pretty large. This map completely changes the deck layout and adds completely new hallways which, in my opinion, fit better with a smaller ship. The deck layout now, if seen from a top-down view, could “fit” inside the hull of the ship so you get the feeling you are really walking on board the USS Dauntless. On top of that, almost every room is redesigned. The Bridge and Engineering, which are the only two rooms actually shown in the show, have been re-designed to look as close to how they look in the show as possible, without breaking RP friendlyness (i.e. having everythign exactly to scale would prevent you from walking in certain areas ingame or would make it too narrow for someone to walk past another person sitting behind a console, which is just impractical when roleplaying). Especially Engineering has gotten a pretty big make-over (and major shrink in size). Added to the redesigned hallways and rooms are also some new rooms such as deflector control and, on many many many request from one of my RPG-X partners-in-crime, Andromeda, a Chief Engineer’s quarters (which was for some reason left out in the original while all other crew got a room… oops).